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About Claire

Claire Wright is a global image coach who helps women get clarity on styles and colours that help improve their image.

“As an online coach I know the challenges of being visible in an online world, what helped me was feeling more confident in my image and knowing how to show up as authentically me!

It didn’t come naturally though, I used to dread doing lives and videos and always faffed about, worrying about what to wear before an online coaching call.

This was when I was a health coach and didn’t have any image training, so the importance of colour on my brand and image hadn’t crossed my mind.

I had originally trained as an image consultant as an add on to my coaching services but found it invaluable in boosting my own self confidence as I could see the impact of colour on my appearance and this led to me being more confident online.

The great thing is, is doesn’t take much effort to look your best when you know your colours. I now know my best neutrals and accent colours, so outfit planning is easy! I also know how to accessorise and which colour lipstick to wear, perfect for those last minute quick fixes when working away from home.

Due to this I have now been fortunate to have worked with women all over the world, showing them their best colours and styles has helped them to be more comfortable with their image and gain a better understanding of what works for them.

If you have any doubts about what works for you, then please contact me here at claire@clairewrighstyle.com


I believe that everyone deserves to look great but the first step is body acceptance and knowing that you are gorgeous just as you are, the dressing up bit is the icing on the cake.