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About Claire

Claire Wright Style & Wellness helps women to find their true style and feel confident about their image, showing them how to dress right for their body shape and develop healthier eating habits to restore health.

I knew some changes were coming in my life when I reached my forties, I started to become dissatisfied in my job and started to feel I had lost my way a bit and had neglected my own needs.

I loved being a mother to my two children and supporting my husband in his career, however, knew there was something missing in my life. I thought back to what I used to love and what excited me, food and fashion came to mind.

I knew my diet needed an overhaul but wasn’t keen on going on another fad diet, as I knew the results wouldn’t last, so I decided to take a course in nutrition, to find out the truth about foods and how they impact our health and weight.

The course was fascinating and enabled me to qualify as a Nutritional Health Coach and start looking after my own health and wellbeing, I felt great in myself, and lost weight, even though I was eating more ! 

Since then I have worked as a health coach, helping women to create better wellness in their lives.  I have loved seeing them transform their health and weight but at the end of their journey, for some, it triggered them wanting to make further changes to their image, especially if they had lost weight and needed a new wardrobe to suit their new figure. 

I wanted to support them further and so having a keen interest in fashion, I  felt personal styling course would be a great extension to my business that my clients would really value.  I took a course in London run by a top stylist and have never looked back since, to be honest it felt like a bit of a personal journey for myself as I discovered what colours suited me and how to dress for my body shape and I was wowed by how much my image and appearance improved. 

Now approaching 50, I feel I have finally got it right !  knowing the secrets of good health and good styling have helped me to reignite my passion for life again. I feel more youthful, vibrant, energised and slimmer then I did 10 years ago and it was all down to me saying yes I deserve this.

I now love helping women to achieve this too, so they can become the best version of themselves - looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. The great thing is that it is achievable for everyone and it’s rewarding to see my clients loving their new image and exuding a new found sense of confidence again.


I believe that everyone deserves to look great but the first step is body acceptance and knowing that you are gorgeous just as you are, the dressing up bit is the icing on the cake.

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