Do you love patterned clothes?

Are you drawn to clothes with a pattern, like the floral designs we have seen in the shops this summer ? 
I loved this trend, however, you can fall into the trap of having too much patterned items in your wardrobe and not being able to match things together. 
Its also common to use patterns as a camouflage for areas of our body that we want to conceal, to be honest it doesn’t really help and can sometimes highlight these areas even more ! 
Also, if there is a mixture of colours in the design, they might not be colours that suit your complexion and you will fade into the background, leaving the outfit wearing you, rather then you wearing the outfit.
To work with this trend, I believe it’s best to keep it subtle and stick to 2 or 3 colours(your colours of course !), and with like any trend there is no point wearing it if the style of the item is not suited to your body shape, so get this right first and you will be halfway there to making it work.
Just so you know, you will still see the floral theme in the shops through Autumn/Winter, here are some of my favourites: