The 'Fast But No Fad' Diet

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4 week weight loss plan with coaching

Helping you to lose weight fast but is not a quick fix.

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Are you looking to lose fat fast, whilst still being able to enjoy delicious food and not feeling hungry all the time.

Are you struggling to lose some unwanted stubborn weight, that doesn’t seem to shift whatever diet you try.

Perhaps you have a special occasion or  holiday coming up, that you want to feel slimmer for and so need to get results quickly.

(If this sounds like you, then this plan is the ideal solution)

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So, how does it work?

It works by lowering insulin the fat storing hormone and switching on our “skinny genes” known as Sirtuin, which helps burn the fat.

Each week of the plan consists of fat burn days (still eating yummy satisfying foods) and feast days (you will still be in fat burning mode) I know it sounds unbelievable but it works!


What's Included?

Fun and motivational weekly 1 to 1 coaching sessions, 1 x 60 mins(in person or skype), 3 x 30 mins (skype).

(This will help you to stay on track and give you that extra support needed to reach your goals)

Delicious easy to prepare recipes that will give you lots of ideas for mealtimes and help save you time in the kitchen.

Health and exercise tips sent to your inbox each week, helping you to burn more fat and feel even more energised.


My promise to you

Following this plan will not only give you great weight loss results but will benefit your health in other areas too such as:

Increased energy levels, reduced food cravings, better sleep and improved digestion.

So there really is nothing to lose, except the fat of course!

investement £247

The Fast But Not Fad Diet
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