Wardrobe Detox

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Lets get to the point

Your wardrobe should feel like an extension of you and have clothes that work for you and can be mixed and matched for any occasion.

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If everything works together then you will never have to stress about what to wear and you won’t have redundant clothes that never get worn.

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Imagine waking up each day and putting an outfit together with ease and looking your personal best everyday, this is what it will feel like after a wardrobe detox.

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How it works:

The session will take around 2 - 3 hours and will start with an informal chat, so I can get an understanding of your wardrobe dilemmas and what type of clothing will suit your lifestyle and body shape.

I will then go through your wardrobe and show you what to keep and what items aren't suitable and the reasons why. With the items left we will then look at how you can build on this and identify key items which are missing, giving you an idea of what to look for on your next shopping trip.

At the end of the session you will have a clear idea of what clothes you need to make your wardrobe complete, if you need further help I can assist you in building a capsule wardrobe through a personal shopping experience.

(Selling your unwanted clothes is a great way to generate cash to help cover the fees)